Pimcore Development, Maintenance & Support Services

Jumpstart Your Pimcore Journey at Reduced TCO

Is your Pimcore implementation and maintenance either costing you too much, taking too long, or failing to achieve business expectations? Minds Task Technologies provides high-quality Pimcore development services at the ‘best cost and convenient’ benefits. With our specialized offerings, you can increase success rate of Pimcore implementation by meeting your enterprise’s near-term and future digital business ambitions.

Our Pimcore implementation services provide you project-based services to install, develop, secure, and customize the Pimcore platform as per your exact needs as well as integrate it with third-party applications, infrastructure, and processes. We have a balanced implementation team with relevant skills and experience to increase the likelihood of your project success. Our team of solution architects, software developers, front-end designers, and DevOps engineers have decades of experience in implementing Pimcore for diverse industries across the globe.

8+ Dedicated Pimcore Senior & Junior Developers 

Supporting 5+ active clients across 4+ countries

2 Pimcore Certified Developers 

Pimcore's Product Information Management (PIM) Services

  • Pimcore Development

    Build customized solutions for product information management (PIM), master data management (MDM), digital asset management (DAM), digital experience platform (DXP/CMS), and digital commerce.

  • Pimcore Integration

    Integrate the Pimcore platform via APIs to third-party software such as ERP, CRM, BI to create a single version of truth for product data, content, and digital assets.

  • Pimcore Maintenance and Support

    Dedicated maintenance and support services to help you quickly fix issues for legacy Pimcore versions, critical bugs, and unpatched security vulnerabilities.

  • UI/UX Design

    Create user-centered front-end UI and exceptional back-end design solutions to bring outstanding product experience for end-users across all devices and platforms.

Our Approach
  • Define business objectives before implementation

    Minds Task Technologies first set project objectives to increase the odds of project success and reduce overall project cost. We clearly define metrics related to your goals and identify any necessary business process improvements before the project starts.

  • Simplify business processes before implementation

    We try to simplify your business processes as much as possible before automating with the Pimcore platform. Simple processes cost less to implement, are more likely to satisfy business objectives, and will be much easier to change once automated.

  • Ensure user-friendly Pimcore Implementation

    We strive to maximize end-user adoption and delight them with memorable experiences by implementing Pimcore in the most user-friendly way throughout the Pimcore implementation journey.

  • A balanced team as per your requirement

    We align the most appropriate team that has the skills, experience, and vertical expertise so that you succeed fast and risk-freely. Our team continues to provide support services after the launch-phase to ensure smooth adaptability.

  • An agile approach for better outcomes

    We use an agile implementation approach. We believe in evaluating the project’s progress frequently and be prepared to course-correct or even realign your requirements quickly before too much is invested.

Minds Task Benefits

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